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February 6, 2018

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GOT & Insights Discovery Colour Energies

September 12, 2017

It’s been 2 weeks since GOT (Game of Thrones for the uninitiated) season 7, wrapped up. Fans of HBO's hit show, now wait and ponder the repercussions of the White Walkers breaching the "Wall" which had a huge chunk destroyed by the ice fire of Viserion; the undead zombie dragon.  The army of the dead is marching down south.  It's going to be a long wait for fans.  Filming of season 8 doesn't begin until Oct 2017, with the final season release date still to be confirmed.


I won’t be visiting any GOT conspiracy or other fan websites during this interim.  But I may watch the occasional rerun until the new season.  As an Insights Discovery practitioner (www.insights.com), I thought that it would be interesting and fun, to take a look at some of the show’s main characters and to match their predominant colour energies according to the Insights Discovery Model.  To get the most accurate result, would require the characters to complete an online, 25 question, 20min questionnaire.  But since there is no internet in George.R.R.Martin's land of fantasy & fiction, this approximation based on my own observations will have to do.


Based on the psychology of Carl Jung, Insights Discovery first categorizes individuals according to whether they are Extroverts (fiery red & sunshine yellow energy) vs Introverts (cool blue and earth green energy).  To really understand the definition of extroversion vs introversion is to understand where someone gets their energy from and not necessarily their behaviour in itself.  Extroverts, are primarily motivated by their external environments. Introverts gain motivation from their internal environments.  Each of us possesses the four different colour energies, but we usually demonstrate a preference for one. Neither energy is better than the other, we utilize each in our daily lives. Interested to know your primary colour energy?  Read until the end whilst discovering some clues along the way.


The Extraverts:


Bronn - Fiery Red


Quick with a quip and even quicker with a sword, Bronn is an extravert who embodies fiery red energy.  His purpose is usually solely self-aggrandizing, though we are led to believe that this will change.  In exchange for his service to the Lannisters, he wants a "Lordship, a castle and a pretty wife" which he never fails to remind Jaime, now his chief benefactor.  Jamie knows that Bronn is a good man to teach you if you ever have to learn to fight left-handed.  And as he learnt at the end of last season's episode 4, Bronn is an even better man to have around if you're about to be burnt to a crisp by a dragon.


Tyrion Lannister - Sunshine Yellow 

Sunshine Yellow energy is often characterized by a charming, outgoing nature and Tyrion embodies this to a "T".  Expressive and with the ability to persuade and influence others, the "little imp" wields his keen intelligence and charm to great effect.  Note how in season 1 whilst imprisoned at the Eyrie he was able to convince his jailor to let him out with the promise of gold and his word that "a Lannister always pays his debts".  



He then talked Lady Arryn into allowing him to have his trial by combat.  Bronn volunteered to be his champion, won the duel and the rest is history.  Tyrion now uses his great influence as the Hand to Daenerys Targaryen.  Genuinely concerned about others and making the world a better place, its likely that earth green is his next highest colour energy.


Arya Stark - Fiery Red

Arya focuses her fiery red energy to get the job done. And what is this job?  Well it’s to seek revenge on anyone who has wronged her and her beloved family.  What does Arya always walk around with besides her sword the "Needle" ?  A list, yes that list of people whom she has to dispose of for the wrongs that they've committed against the Starks. This list was the first thing that she made up following the beheading of her father Ned Stark.  Joffrey, Cersei, Tywin Lannister, the Hound, Walder Frey....  They've all ended up on the list for various reasons and Arya goes about ticking them off with great efficiency. Not stopping until they’re all checked off.  Best advice, don't find yourself on this list or you'll be stuck with "the pointy end" of the Needle or worse. 

Jaime Lannister -  Sunshine Yellow 

The Kingslayer exhibits a strong degree of sunshine yellow energy.  Often, this energy appears through his earnestness to please whomever he is serving and he's eager to get involved in most projects/plans even if they're finally, not always in his best interest.  He is an opportunist who recognized and seized the opportunity to kill the mad king (hence the nickname Kingslayer) when his back was turned.  Does this make his a bad person?  Not in his eyes, though not everyone may agree.  AND there's that thing with his sister, but we won’t go there.



Theon Greyjoy -  Sunshine Yellow 

For most of GOT, Theon's sunshine yellow energy shows up in his generally happy disposition. A lover and enjoyer of life, things got a bit difficult quite quickly for Theon after he was sliced and diced by the sociopathic Ramsey Bolton.  

Physically disfigured and mentally traumatized, he became Riek and to be honest, a shadow of his former self.  With that mental turmoil now over, Theon is now finding a new purpose and lease on life.  Dedicating his focus to finding and freeing his sister Yara from the clutches of their uncle Euron.  Theon's naturally sunshine yellow energy, replaced by a fiery red laser focus.  For now at least.


Cersei Lannister - Fiery Red



She is the Queen that everyone loves to hate; not necessarily without reason.  Cersei's fiery red energy comes across through her competitive nature.  Remember her battles with Marjorie Tyrell?  During her wedding to Cersei's son Joffrey, Marjorie announced that the leftovers from the dinner would be given to the people of the city.  Well Cersei went behind her back and then ordered that the food be sent to the dogs instead.  Cersei is also very determined to punish anyone who wrongs her family. And she didn't mind blowing up an entire city when it served her cause.  Competitiveness and determination are not at all bad traits.  But most of us wish that Cersei would use her energy for some good.


The Introverts:



Daenerys Targaryen - Earth Green 

Some may be surprised to see Daenerys classified as an introvert.  She is after all, the "Mother of Dragons" and is trying to save the world which means that she must get out quite a bit and be a real "people person".  But Daenerys gets her main source of energy and motivation from inside herself: i.o.w. her well is internal.  Daenerys knows that she is the mother of dragons and thus has the responsibility to make the world a better place.  She also constantly demonstrates her concern for the welfare of all people under her care and/or command and zealously tries to live her life according to the values which matter most to her. Overall, these are traits are what suggests that her primary main colour energy is green. Though she does combine it very well with a strong fiery red determination to be all that she is supposed to be.


Jon Snow - Cool Blue 



Jon Snow, possibly soon to be revealed as Aegon Targaryan, uses his cool blue energy to get everyone to focus on the problem at hand.   Adept at deep thinking and very questioning, Jon simply lays out the facts "there is an army of one hundred thousand white walkers coming and if we don't band together, we'll all die".  He then laid out the precise solution to the problem before Cersei, "we can kill the white walkers with dragon glass and fire".  Winter is coming and we better all get ready.  Once armed with the facts, John is highly focused to get the job done suggesting that fiery red is his second colour energy.


Lord Baelish (Littlefinger) - Cool Blue

Before meeting his grisly demise at the skilled hands of Arya, 'Littlefinger' proved himself to be one of Westeros' most intelligent, talented and shrewd men.  Though unfortunately, he mainly used his talents for manipulation.  His motivations were universally internally driven and he doesn't do anything without reason.  His cool blue energy reveals itself through his very analytical nature which he used to great effect to analyze situations and to play one against the other.


A master strategist, he would probably be a very good chess player or of any other strategic games which exist within the 7 Kingdoms.


Sansa Stark -  Earth Green



Her predominantly earth green energy shows up in her peaceful nature, belief and desire that everyone can get along. Remember when the arrogant Joffrey was beating Arya's friend; the butcher's boy by the lake in season 1, Sansa was all for creating peace and harmony between them afterwards.  Whilst Arya wanted to take off his head and later added him to "that list".  Sansa's personality has developed a lot since and she's embracing more of her colour energies.  But earth green remains her primary energy.



Which is your main colour energy preference?  Wishing that this list was in alphabetical order or grouped together by colour energies = cool blue.  Wondering ok, what how can this information help me = fiery red.  Happy that you can see your colour energy = earth green. Already or planning to share this article with someone = sunshine yellow.



Anthony Brand is a GOT fan and Licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner.  For more information on Insights Discovery, you may contact him at anthony@coverpointrcm.com, +32 485 4774 12. Visit www.coverpointrcm.com











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